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“No need to take your dog for a walk and try to avoid everyone else - I can help you to teach your dog to socialise.”

If you dog is out of control, I can help….

This can be anti-social behaviour of any type; from aggression to just having a dog that is so full on you can’t do any thing with it.

Muzzles for Anti-Social and aggressive dogs?

As you can see from the image above, muzzles enable dogs to be able to mix and socialise with other dogs and people and it keeps them safe.  The pressure is greatly reduced and the dogs learn how to become a relaxed pack member.

This can only happen when the dogs begin to learn to behave for the handler so mixing is the aim but your dog may not be able to do straight away.

I will always use my judgement for off lead as I can usually ‘read’ the dogs.   

Anti-Social behaviour is one of the most frustrating and upsetting things dog owners have to deal with. We all love our dogs, we would all like and expect our dogs to behave at home and outside and part of the family, however, it’s very hard not to fall out with your dog if it keeps attacking people, other dogs, or is just really annoying to you and everyone it meets.

Home visits and 121 sessions are focused on handling techniques and problem solving.  Group classes are where you can practice there techniques in a controlled environment.

They both add value and you are able to do either or both.

I have never turned anyone away with their doggy issues; I have a variety of sessions available and will always try to make sure I give you the correct help in the correct environment.

Muzzles -  Muzzles are a training aid!  When your dog is in a muzzle you become more relaxed which then helps you to be able to concentrate on your handling skills and the training of your dog. Your dog will then learn to trust you as a pack leader and will, itself, become more relaxed,  In essence, muzzles are a good thing to use with grumpy dogs.

If you are thinking of using a muzzle, please use a basket type and not a cloth muzzle.  If you have any doubt about whet you should use, pop to Barehams Kennels.  They have an excellent shop and knowledgeable staff.

Some dogs are just really, really annoying.

They can be sweet, loving, playful and show no signs of aggressive behaviour - just be a complete nightmare to live with.

Home visits help dogs that are destructive in the home, separation anxiety, over exuberance and will also help with the control and behaviour whilst you are out on a walk.

I’m always happy to chat - Andy 07792 869653

Problem Solving